A relational model

Therapy for Couples, Families and Individuals

Goldcoast Family Therapy provides a space for connection, healing and growth.

What are your relationships telling you?

Can the connection between you and your partner can be reignited or deepened?”

Is depression or anxiety preventing you from experiencing joy or peace?

Is the past taking you away from the present moment?

Therapy can help.

Healing is possible with help

The therapy room can be a space to make change happen with evidence-based practices.

Welcome to Goldcoast Family Therapy

Arathi Shekhat, MS

Relational or family systems therapy is a unique approach that can help you create positive and lasting changes within yourself and your relationships as well as give you greater insight as to why you have been struggling. Goldcoast Family Therapy offers empirically based interventions from a trained couple and family therapist.

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